How to use Vuex with Ionic and a web API

I’m trying to understand how Vuex (in a Vue.js Ionic app) and Ionic components can be used together such that when data are retrieved from a web APi, Vuex can be updated and then necessary Ionic components can be updated accordingly.

For example, if I have an Ionic List with Ionic Items, each of which represents a product, and I retrieve sales data from a web API every 5 minutes that sends the number of purchases for each product as they change (thus, the API will only return data for changed products by sending the product ID and the new count of total sales for that product in a JSON array), how do I setup the app and the Ionic components such that the correct Ionic Items get updated when the product they represent has any changed data?

vuex works the same in ionic vue app as it would in a regular vuejs application. do you have a specific issue where it is not working appropriately?