How to use the Jade template engine with ionic@2.0.0?


This can be accomplished in two easy steps. First lets add the two new dev dependencies.
npm install --save-dev gulp-jade jade

Then add the gulp task to your gulpfile. I have and example gist here


why should we use jade with ionic


The same reason you might want to use it in any other project that uses HTML.


my doubt is in ionic 2 and above, inside html files everything is ionic tags not html. if we writing “jade” means inside jade also we have do write ion-tags not html. in ionic2 webpack will covert this ion-tags into html. then what is the point in using jade in it. just my doubt


that solution worked with the version of Ionic2 I was using when I came up with it. there is nothing stopping you from writing ion-tags with jade. I built a complete mvp using jade markup in the templates at that time.

		button(ion-button='', menutoggle='')
			| Todo Form
			ion-input(type='text', [(ngmodel)]='todo.title', name='title', placeholder='Todo')
			ion-textarea.textareades([(ngmodel)]='todo.description', name='description', placeholder='Description')
		button(ion-button='', type='submit', block='') Add Todo

i have problem i the above code, check one
button(ion-button=’’, menutoggle=’’)

menutoggle not working as like this converted from jade,:disappointed_relieved: