How to use nested ng-repeat in ionic List/ Collapsible List


I want to achieve the nested list and in trouble using ngrepeat within ngrepeat so please help me.what I want is let me explain by example.


and so forth.

var list = [
{title: ‘list1’, contacts: [“name1”,“name2”,“name3”,“name4”]},
{title: ‘list2’,contacts: [“name1”,“name2”]},
{title: ‘list3’,contacts: [“name1”]},
{title: ‘list4’, contacts: [“name1”,“name2”,“name3”]},
{title: ‘list5’,contacts: [“name1”,“name2”]}

Simply I want the list of lists, and collapseable list.

Please help me


You need to need your ng-repeat. Maybe something like :

<div ng-repeat="group in lists" class="item item-divider">
	<div ng-repeat="item in group.contacts" class="item">


And if don’t have a sublist ( like rubrica )? That is:

var list = [
{title: ‘list1’, name1},
{title: ‘list2’,name1},
{title: ‘list3’,name2},



@Calendee I have created the nested list have a look at that

The issue is when I select a list all the lists shows the sub-list/lists.So I want to open sub-list of only the selected item.How to I do this please guide me.
Thank you for reading.


I think you are looking for “Accordion Lists”. See this :


How can we use a collection-repeat here, to increase the performance since I have hundreds of items per group?

I get a ionScroll directive not found.