How to use IonicModule.forRoot() inside imports of Angular Standalone component?

Hi, I am using ionic 7 with Angular (v16), using standalone component.

I’m trying to follow this particular tutorial to create nav animation. I know it’s for Ionic 5 and the tutorial uses NgModule(...) so things work a bit differently.

In my project, trying this:

export const enterAnimation = (baseEl: HTMLElement, opts?: any): Animation => {
  return animationCtrl.create()
      .fromTo('opacity', 0, 1);
  imports: [IonicModule.forRoot({navAnimation: enterAnimation})],

and it would complain (for the whole IonicModule.forRoot(...) part:

Type 'ModuleWithProviders<IonicModule>' is not assignable to type 'readonly any[] | Type<any>'.

How can I use this Animation of @ionic/angular to make route transition animations? Thank you all.