How to use $ionicLoading?



I have a little question. I don’t understand how to use a loader with ionic. What put in a HTML, in Javascript ? Where call $ ? where call ${
content: ‘Loading’,

I’d would like display a loader during a loading of $resource.
Thank a lot :slight_smile:


The loader is configured in a controller most likely. See the following for a stripped down example.


Thank a lot !
i’m a newbie in Ionic and thank you very much for your help :wink:


Loader is not working proper…
I have form with text-box and button. After clicking on button loader will start displaying and content is still editable and click-able .

I want, while showing loader the content of that page should disable. When loader will hide then content should enable.


The example is dated now, there was a change in the way $ionicLoading works. I’ve updated the example to use the nightly build and changed one thing due to a breaking change in the loader hide design.