How to use ionic icon with input field

Hey guys,
Is it possible to add icon in <ion-input> along with the floating label.
Basically i want to show a icon along with the label-text, which will be floating along with the label text.

See the experimental Start & End slots for inputs - ion-input: Custom Input With Styling and CSS Properties.

This does bring the static Icon to the Start of the Input, but the Label loses its floating ability, what i am trying to achive is icon + label text to be floating.

This approch looks good only when you have label-placement="stacked", with fixed & floating there are some design bugs.

I dont think it is possible yet, as i have been experimenting since yesterday, but many thanks for point me to this… i can live it this for now :smile:

Is there an emoji that approximates the icon you want? You can just put an emoji in the label string?

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Genius… yes it did works… learned something new today…