How to use ion-tabs now with Stencil + Ionic4


I am developing with Stencil + Ionic4. I have started with Ionic PWA Toolkit which includes a beta verison of Ionic4, and itself a beta.

I want to have a tabbed app and successfully created my tabs. How can I connect the other components with each tab.

This post does not show the markup in render() below, it is an ion-tabs including 5 ion-tab with icons attribute set.

Below is the my-app.tsx file with tabs decalred in render funciton (some code deleted for brevity). I need to show another component for each tab, but how. root is not a valid InicTabAttribute anymore I think. Is it an attribute and the name of the other component to show?

import { Component, Prop, Listen } from ‘@stencil/core’;
import { ToastController } from ‘@ionic/core’; // related code deleted blow

tag: ‘my-app’,
styleUrl: ‘my-app.scss’
export class MyApp {

@Prop({ connect: ‘ion-toast-controller’ }) toastCtrl: ToastController;

render() {
return (