How to use Deeplink routing into an Ionic4 app?

I’d like to use Deeplinks in an Ionic4 app.

A click on the link myapp:// should open the page MyPaymentsMethodsPage (this page is in the folder “customers”).

This is the code I wrote into the page app.components.ts:

import { Deeplinks } from '@ionic-native/deeplinks/ngx';
import { MyPaymentsMethodsPage } from './customers/my-payments-methods/';

      '/': {},
      '/payment':  MyPaymentsMethodsPage
    }).subscribe((match) => {
        const jsonMatch = match;
      }, (nomatch) => {
        console.log('@@@@@ NO MATCH:', JSON.stringify(nomatch));

The result is that the match with the /payment is found, the alert is shown but the app is not redirected to the payment page.

What is wrong with the redirection according to you?

Thank you very much