How to use Cordova plugins?

Hello everyone,

I wanted to use Android Full Screen Cordova plugin in a plain Javascript + HTML + Webpack project so I’ve installed the required npm packages according to documentation:

$ npm install @awesome-cordova-plugins/core
$ npm install cordova-plugin-fullscreen
$ npm install @awesome-cordova-plugins/android-full-screen
$ ionic cap sync

but running Webpack complained about missing packages and I’ve also had to install RxJS and Angular Core packages:

$ npm install @angular/core
$ npm install rxjs

So, is this the proper way to use Cordova plugins in a Capacitor app?
Why do I’ve to install Angular Core package if not using Angular?

Thank you!

because the packages use angular. You would nee to find a capacitor plugin alternative.

Historically, Ionic was angular only. So a lot of much older packages rely on Angular. You just need to find Capacitor plugins or Cordova plugins that don’t rely on angular.

Hello! Thank you @mikrochipkid and @thomasvidas for your answers!

Do you know any other Capacitor plugin that sets the app to full screen?

Thank you!

Hello @Hills90210 , thank you for your answer. I’ve already tried this plugin, but it only hides the status bar and buttons at the bottom of the screen continue to be shown. I’d like the app to use the full screen. Do you know how to hide also the buttons at the bottom of the screen?

Thank you!

No i don’t. I never came across the need to do what your trying to do. You can use this plugin + conditional rendering of elements to get what you’re trying to achieve.