How to use angular.forEach?

I got data form API, That data has a sting in they key.
And I much to use data in a key.

angular.forEach(response['data'], function(val, key) {
  // Do something.

And I don’t know how to use angular.forEach.
What should i do??

That’s Angular 1 syntax, and you’ve tagged your thread with the “Ionic 2” category. Are you using v1 or v2 and what are you actually trying to achieve?

I use V2. It can use.

for(let data of response['data']) {
  // Do something.

But, It not what I want. Because I want to get a key.

From Stackoverflow

Object.keys(obj).forEach(function(key,index) {
    // key: the name of the object key
    // index: the ordinal position of the key within the object 

Wow. Thank you very much.