How to upload .pdf, .docx, .xls etc

Ionic File Transfer option showing image upload but there is no option showing file type of doc, pdf, csv

The general File Transfer plugin simply needs the URL to your file whatever it is and then it will upload the file. Where do you expect a special option for doc or csv and how does your code look like?

if (‘android’) && sourceType ===

search option only show the photo from the library but when we search the doc, csv, or doc. suggest me how to find other file

The Camera plugin can only capture images or select pictures from your Photolibrary. If you want to search other locations, take a look at the File Chooser!

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you can also use .input type =“file” with css hack . that will show your file and you can choose anything ,

Suggest me how to replace camera plugin with doc, csv, pdf file

i face same problem can’t select file as file my API expect file parameter but i can’t select file
i tray using chooser plugin and send result as file but it can’t see the file
any suggestion please