How to update local storage array items

how to update local storage array items

You need write updated items to your local storage. For example if you have array stored by key 'myArray' you can write something like this localStorageService.set ('myArray', angular.toJson (myNewArray)). Where myNewArray is your updated array.

please give me 1 Example

localstorage is stringbased so you have to convert your array or object to a string

  window.localstorage.setItem('myArray', JSON.stringify([1, 2, 3, 4]));

  var arrayItems = JSON.parse(window.localstorage.getItem('myArray'));

You should use angular way in ionic apps. So It’s highly recommended use angular-local-storage plugin.

  1. Install it via bower bower install angular-local-storage -S
  2. Include it in our index.html like this <script src="lib/angular-local-storage/dist/angular-local-storage.min.js"></script>
  3. Include it to your module dependencies. Like this angular.module ('starter', ['ionic', ... 'LocalStorageModule', ...]);
  4. In your app.config function set prefix of your app in local storage . Like this: localStorageServiceProvider.setPrefix ('MyMobileApp');
  5. Then you can use localStorageService to get,set and remove items from it. For example localStorageService.set (‘myArray’, angular.toJson ([1, 2, 3, 4])); will do the same as window.localstorage.setItem('myArray', JSON.stringify([1, 2, 3, 4])); from @bengtler example.
  6. To get items you can write code like this: angular.fromJson (localStorageService.get ('myArray'))

Cool. Just to add, this has nothing to do with IONIC. As @AlexUA mentioned, you should use Angular to do this stuff.

         let updateItem = this.myarray.find(this.findIndexToUpdate,;
         let index = this.myarray.indexOf(updateItem);
               this.myarray[index] = newobj;

 findIndexToUpdate(newItem) { 
        return === this;