How to update ion-toggle status?

Hi, I have an ion toggle in my application that stores his status in a firebase Database, is there a way to change his status with the data loaded from firebase?

For example, if in the database the status is true, then when I load the view the toggle will be on. I’ve tried using checked:

<ion-toggle checked="status()" >

where status() returns a boolean.

But due to the async function of firebase, the view loads 1st before the value in status(). Can’t find a solution to this problem so far, I’d apreciate any help.

I’ve never used Firebase, but the way you’ve written this, the checked property is set to the string value “status()”, which is probably not what you want. You need to say [checked], but please keep reading.

It’s fairly rare that you want to really be binding [checked], because normally, you want the user’s interaction with the toggle to affect a bound property. In that case, checked is irrelevant, and you want [(ngModel)].

Also, it is a gigantic red flag when you are ever typing () in a template. Angular calls template expressions a zillion times, and it is virtually always a mistake to have them be a method call instead of a property access.

Thanks! I solved it using [checked], I’m not used using ngModel yet.