How to transfer [oject object] to array now

It is such a simple HTTP request file and I had my statement page like this:

and my website: JSON file is this:
And I got an error message: core.js:4197 ERROR Error: Cannot find a differ supporting object ‘[object Object]’ of type ‘object’. NgFor only supports binding to Iterables such as Arrays.
I searched through the google doc and realize that we cannot use response.json() since the response now already is a JSON file.
When I tried other suggestion and it doesn’t work in my file because I then got an error message: Property ‘data’ does not exist on type ‘Object’ when I tried:

      response => this.result =;

can someone give me a way transfer this object type to an array that can easily display in my html when using *ngFor in:

                <ion-title *ngFor = "let data of result">

Screenshots of textual information are worthless. Please post textual information as text. So, since I have no idea what is in your image, I can only refer you to this post.