How to to use ionic radio buttons to change font size?

Hi I have a question about ionic radio buttons, when I select a radio button that I have given a value in a page called settings.html, it should change the font size of some text in another page called news.html. Im new to ionic so if anyone has any suggestions id appreciate it.

Originally I tried using ngmodel and creating variables to store the font size and the use *ngfor to change the text size when a radio button value was selected but I couldn’t figure this out. I also tried using css by trying to assign css class tags to the radio button values but that didnt seem to work either.

This is the settings.html radio button

    <ion-label >
    <ion-radio  value="one" ></ion-radio>
 <a href="{{ n.url }}"><h2> <font size ="{{variableFont}}"> {{ n.title }} </font> </h2> </a>