How to support query parameters(/user?id=1&valid=1) in ionic?

How to support query parameters in ionic3?
like this:

What do you mean by “support”?

In ionic ,we can only use router parameters like this:

but in my project, i can only use query parameters like this:

is ionic supported this?

Same question. Can’t find anything in the well written documentation (!)

@Jacktoolsnet What if I don’t need some of the parameters ?

I think you can define how many parameters you need want to use.

@Jacktoolsnet I know I can. Though I cannot define optional parameters that way.
For instance, if you have a segment /profile/:id and you want a logged user to access is own profile via /profile, you’ll be missing a parameter which will break the app.

Have you investigated the ionic-native deeplinks plugin?