How To Style Ionic Apps

ionic has some nice built in ui features but if I want things like bigger icons, divs that extend to a certain height. Is all of this achievable with css in ionic NOT sass. Please point me to some good resources or give me some good advice

sure … SASS only compiles to css … you don’t have to use SASS … it’s just more efficient with SASS. Just treat it like how you would style a website.

Thanks but how much more efficient is it with sass, my opinion it just seems counter intuitive to write it in sass and then have it compile to plain old css but there must be something I am missing so please enlighten me

SASS helps you to avoid repeating yourself. It allows things like variables which ionic uses to style the entire look and feel of the application with one change.

Remember, I’m sure at some point some old hard core programmer thought it was counter intuitive to write programs in C because they are compiled into machine code anyway… Why not just write machine code? :wink:

CSS has been around for a while (relatively), and for a long time it served a simple role. Now days with larger and larger web applications CSS just gets harder to maintain, so people have come up with a few new solutions to increase productivity (SASS, Less) and provide easier maintenance. But browsers understand CSS and there’s nothing wrong with CSS, so we compile to CSS :).

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@agatescollab Thank really good explanation

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Yeah … well explained

And @Harilall… I first was like you … why use SASS instead just CSS … Then I started SASS once and I just love it.

I probably will as well @coreelements just taking it in steps