How to start new project with given github's template URL?

In Ionic 1, I can add a template project’s link on Github to start new project with following command:

ionic start MyApp 

The CLI will use the project in Github as template.

But since Ionic 2, I found the CLI cannot did that anymore. This is the error:

Unable to find starter template for

Even I create new Ionic 2 (and 3) project and put it on Github. The CLI still show the error above.

Does CLI cannot start new template with existing project from Github? or I am missing something here?

This has nothing to do with Ionic 1 and Ionic 2, but with Ionic CLI v2 vs. Ionic CLI v3.

Ionic CLI v3 doesn’t support creating projects from Github projects yet. Here is an issue to get this functionality implemented again: (Add a +1 to vote for it to be implemented)

So long you could install Ionic CLI v2.2.3 again to work with this, or do it manually: Download and extract, download and extract your template in the same folder, run npm install in that folder and you are more or less done.

Thank you. I think start from exist repository can reduce developer to try exist solution.

For me, it’s faster to let my student get into extension point in the word of Ionic, too.