How to Speedup Ionic3 Sidemenu Application

Loading time take 14SEC .

I need to load fast .

Anyone got idea to improve tips !!

  1. Google it!

  2. Use Lazy Loading (part 1, part 2)

  3. If you have lists in your app, increase ionic scroll performance.

  4. Did you have unused colors in your $colors variable inside variables.scss? Remove them!

  5. Check your code, since the problem is, surely, more in your code than in the framework itself.

  6. Read other posts like this:

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My SCHOOL Parent App Take 14-16 seconds to load .

is it normal loading time ???

I do not think so.

What version of ionic are you using?


Project : school parent app

Normal Loading Time - 20s

Style : Sidemenu with 10 Pages and 3 providers and 2 native plugin

Please give tips for speed up . I am using lazyload also

Download APK Link : Click Here

Iā€™m developing an APP with 60+ pages, 40+ providers, 10+plugins and it is loading in 4-5 seconds.

Probably the problem is in your code. You may be doing too many actions during initialization or the queries to your API are too slow.

I can not help you.

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Thanks for replying my queries .