How to socialshare in browser

I would like to implement socialshare’s functionality in browser version.

However, ionic Native’s Social Sharing can only be used with applications.

In the ionic document, it is described as follows.
「For Browser usage check out the Web Share API docs:」

However, although the above method uses cordova.js, cordova can not be used when ionic is deployed on WEB.

I would like to know how to implement social share when ionic is deployed on the web.

You can try:

ionic cordova platform add browser
ionic cordova run browser

test the socialsharing

I did release a couple of days ago a social share action sheet built with Stencil aka compatible with the browser/pwa. If you want to give a try:

Showcase at
Repo GitHub - peterpeterparker/web-social-share: A Web Component to share url and text on social networks


error: plugin-not-available for my case