How to slide in a new view from the bottom of the screen

Hi there. We have a tabs app. When clicking on one of the tabs we want to slide a new view in from the bottom of the screen. It should not be possible to see the tabs any more as this will take over the whole screen.

As an example, if you open whatsapp on an iPhone and tap to add a new conversation, it will slide the friends list in from the bottom of the screen.

We considered using modals but this brings a bunch of pain.

So, anyone have any suggestions on how to get one tab button loading an entirely new view to the screen and animate that view up from the bottom? :smile:

Thanks in advance.

Hey, did you found a solution for it yet? Same issue here

Alas no solution as yet.

Is this similar to Safari’s Bookmarks slide-up view? Because I just found myself combing through the Ionic docs looking to see if that type of view, which is fairly standard in iOS, is built in.

Yeah still not found a way to do this unfortunately.