How to show reordering button on only one row


Hi all,

I am working on reordering feature of ionic.
its working in that case we have reorder button on the top of the header and after tapping reorder button all rows in the list will be active for reordering but now i have to implement this thing in some different way that when i will click on any particular row only that row should be active for reordering with any other rows.

lets take an example:

in this all row is active for reordering but I want that only third will be active for reorder.

So on tapping a particular row i have to reorder that row only, can you please tell me how it will possible?

Thanks in advance


I too facing the same issue, I need to reorder the list only on single item but after applying reorder i am able to reorder any of the item. Please suggest some solution for this

@mhartington @andy


@mhartington @andy i am stuck in this issue very badly.I have to show reorder button only on one row at a time.
Can you please suggest me some solution?

Thanks in advance


I tested this out and I don’t think it’s going to be possible right now.
Personally I don’t think this a good UX, only being able to move 1 at a time.


ok @mhartington thanks for your response. Appreciated.