How to show .pkpass files in Ionic application

Hello ,

I’m new on using ionic framework.

I am currently working on my internship project to develop an hybrid application with Ionic (version 1). The application will run on the IOS / Android platforms on smartphones and tablets.
I have to be able to view “.pkpass” files by click on a button and add files to Passbook or Wallet and if it’s possible, integrate “.pkpass” file creation.

I found a plugin on github:
Passbook Plugin for Cordova/PhoneGap

But I don’t know how to use it in Ionic. :sweat:
Can you help me ?
Or tell me the best solution?

Just to save you a shock, that plugin doesn’t support Android.

Yes @A_Burgess , I saw that too. In the readme, it’s said that the plugin will support Android soon.

However, do you know another way to solve the problem, even without this plugin ?


Sorry I do not. I guess using separate Passbook and Wallet plugins and checking the platform at run time. Other than that I am of no use. Only wanted to point out the plugin was lacking the platform support you required.

Ok, thanks @A_Burgess.

I will continue my research on the subject.