How to show & hide element next to anchor tag

<ion-card *ngFor=“let r of rewards”>

<a (click)=“showDesc($event)”>View Description

<p *ngIf=“this.descDisplay”>{{r.description}}

.ts file code

showDesc($e:any) {
this.descDisplay = !this.descDisplay;

I am new to ionic but here I stuck. I want to hide <p *ngIf=“this.descDisplay”>{{r.description}}

when clicked on anchor tag but the problem is I have multple element as its under loop so If I put code the it show/hide all element at once. So I want to hide <p *ngIf=“this.descDisplay”>{{r.description}} next to click element.

Can you think of something that is different during each iteration of the loop? How about putting the “descDisplay” flag underneath it instead?