How to show a toast only when a sharing application opens using ionic native social share plugin?

I am using ionic-native-social-sharing plugin for social sharing. Since, this plugin does not prefill the message in the facebook or messenger because of the facebook policy, i used ionic-native-clipboard to copy the message for user beforehand using below code:

let options = {
  message: msg,
  subject: title,
  files: [image]

this.clipboard.copy(msg).then((res) => {
  this.socialSharingProvider.shareWithOptions(options).then((resp) => {

  }).catch((error) => {
    this.helperProvider.createToast("Could not be shared. Please try again.");

Now, i know that social sharing plugin has a different method shareViaFacebookWithPasteMessageHint(message, image, url, pasteMessageHint) for showing a paste message hint. But, I want to share using messenger also. In that case, social sharing plugin does not have a dedicated method for messenger. So, i am copying the msg in the clipboard.

Now, i want to show a toast as pasteMessageHing only when the messenger or instagram app opens. But i could not figure out which app, i have opened using shareWithOptions method of this plugin and how to show the toast only when the messenger or instagram app opens. I don’t want to show the pasteMessageHint before selecting an app from the modals.

  1. How to know which sharing app, i have opened?
  2. How to show the toast only when the app opens just like shareViaFacebookWithPasteMessageHint does?