How to show a responsive long string of database into ionic view?


I have a long string/text on database of the App

But when I tried show it on view(html)

the text appear only the initial characters and not the whole text

I wanna to show the data in a responsive form…
I used the ion-grid but as you can see on the print, the text ignores the size of the screen.
I tried to use justify text inline, but it also ignores the css directive.



I cannot make it go wrong in the way you describe…

Check out the github (created just for you)


Aside from what @Judgewest2000 has showed (which admittedly I haven’t look at), I’d probably remove all of the text style CSS stuff and add the text-wrap attribute.


Thank you so much. My layout was ignoring the text-wrap attribute.


Yes, Now it’s work! Thank you so much for the tip!!!