How to set tabbed as a root page?

Hey everybody, newbie question, please be kind :blush:

I am trying to build an app for my sister’s wedding while learning JS, Angular and Ionic. I created a blank project with ionic start and then inside this project I generated 5 tabs that I need for my app. I named the main tab page “tabbed”.

I am really troubled though with all the lazy loading stuff in ionic 3. How can I use tabbed.html (and as a result the 5 defined tabs) as a root page?

Navigating to app.component.ts and changing

rootpage:any = "Tabbed"

gives a ts cannot find name Tabbed.

I appreciate your help!

Just create a new app with the tabs starter and look at its code.

I think that I solved it. It isn’t so straightforward though :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


tabs starter isn’t updated for ionic 3, so it doesn’t generate the .module.ts and .ts.

That’s exactly my prob :slight_smile:

That has nothing to do with Ionic 3 but with lazy loading.

But great you found your solution.