How to set smallIcon on Ionic PushNotification?

I’m using Ionic PushPluginConfigAndroid to send notification from my server to my device.

I set my cloudSettings on app.module.ts like this:

const cloudSettings: CloudSettings = {
  'core': {
    'app_id': '999999999'
  'push': {
    'sender_id': '99999999999999',
    'pluginConfig': {
      'ios': {
        'badge': true,
        'sound': true
      'android': {
        'icon': 'res://ic_small',
        'iconColor': '#142134',
        'sound': true,
        'vibrate': true

But I need to set the smallIcon and PushPluginConfig don’t have this tag:

How can I set this? Without smallIcon setted the notification come with a hugle square smallIcon.

I solve this! :smiley:

I generate all material_icon in this site:

merge the res folder and make this on my CloudSettings

'android': {
        'iconColor': '#14243B',
        'icon': "ic_stat_icon_transparent",
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