How to set root page on ionic 5 react

How to set root page using ionic 5 react ?

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Not sure I understand your question. Isn’t the “root page” just the one you map to the / path, like in this router example?

NavController had an option to set root page, this way back button can be displayed (I worked on angular).
but recently i have working with react version and I don’t see that option in documentation.

Since V3’s NavController was not tied to actual browser history, this made it possible. But modern routers rely on browser history to help out here. You could use history.replace from react router, but you shouldn’t be clearing app history.

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how do I controll animation direction on page using react ? i just see 2 mode option but there is not direction
any idea how to set direction on page transition, i want to create tabs with sliding page transition.