How to set Ionic 4 ion-select backdropDismiss to false

I am porting my app from Iconic 3 to Ionic 4.

I have noticed that the selects now dismiss when you click on the backdrop. Previously, int eh Ionic 3 version, I had this so this did not happen (ie user had to select OK or Cancel)

I tried to set backdropDismiss to false…

<ion-select  backdropDismiss = false></<ion-select >

But this did not help.

Is there any way to do this?

Thanks in advance!

If anyone else needs this, it is not a bug (thanks to @ jaipresto), the syntax is…

<ion-select [interfaceOptions]='{ backdropDismiss: false }'

@peterjc how did you do this in ionic 3?

In Ionic 3, I had the following…


let alert = this.alertCtrl.create({
      title: title,
      subTitle: messageAsString,
      buttons: [ok],
      enableBackdropDismiss: false


And for ion-select

// TS file
public selectOptions = { enableBackdropDismiss: false };

// html
     <ion-label >{{'LABEL_DATA' | translate}}</ion-label>
     <ion-select [selectOptions]='selectOptions'  [disabled]='data?.length == 0' #dataSel  class='select-control'  okText="{{'BUTTON_OK' | translate}}" cancelText="{{'BUTTON_CANCEL' | translate}}" 
          [ngModel]='selectedDataCode' (ionChange)='onDataChanged($event)'>
          <ion-option *ngFor='let cdp of data' value="{{cdp.code}}">{{cdp.description}}</ion-option>

Hope that helps.