How to set background of selected/clicked ion-item in a ion-list


given a ionic2 app that renders a ion-list with ion-item elements in it, what’s the recommended way to highlight the selected element of the list, which is, the element the user last clicked?

my plan was to to use the (click) callback and maintain a selectedIndex in my component, and then do something like this:

<ion-item *ngFor="let track of list; let idx = index" (click)="onItemClicked(idx)" class="idx===currentSelected ? 'selected' : null"> ... </ion-item>

whereby the .selected is defined in the scss.
however it did not work (the click event handling works fine, but the color stays unchanged)

i also tried “ngClass” and played with “[color]”, but non worked.

interestingly, the hover-effect worked right away using this scss:

ion-item:hover { background-color: lightslategray !important; }

but the feature to prominently highlight the selected item (ie. the item which the user last clicked) is even more important but i could not achieve it yet.

==> any hints or pointers to relevant docu would be greatly appreciated! thanks!


[class.selected]="idx === currentSelected"

Ion-row within ion-list change background-color when tapped

awesome - even more elegant than i had hoped :smile:

worked straight away



Have the same situation whats your ts code for getting the currentselected and index?
Was to fast to ask the question got it to work, nice solution.


awesome! had to change the color of the text instead of the item’s background but this works like a charm!


what is currentSelected?
I can’t find it anywhere


i don’t understand , please give me a details