How to sent SMS in ionic application

How i can send SMS in ionic application. please suggest me any method. i am newbie in ionic frameworks.

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sujan can i test m y application in browser for testing with this plugin.?

Plugins are never available in the browser [1], so you can’t test any of the Cordova Plugins in the browser. Escpecially not if it is something like sending SMS.

Why do you want to do that, and not test it on the emulator or device?
(If you’re just starting out: Invest the time to get that running - you will need it sooner than later)

[1] Exception: You add the browser platform to your cordova app and the plugin supports browser as a platform. As Dekstop PCs and browsers can’t send SMS, this plugin obviously doesn’t support the browser platform.

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Following this topic, may I send a SMS from Ionic View when testing the Ionic App ?
Thanks for your help.

Is the plugin you want to use one of the supported ones in Ionic VIew?

Unfortunately I tried to use this instead :

Thanks for your help

Which is the same thing as linked in the first post, just for Ionic instead of Ionic v1, and not one of the supported plugins of Ionic View.

So… should I keep this @ionic-native/sms and deploy the app ?
Sorry… I m kinda lost.
I use Ionic 3.
I ve seen no SMS use in the Ionic View Supported Plugins list…
Thanks again for the help.

I you are using Ionic, and not Ionic v1, then yes. Test your app with the CLI: +

Now it works ! SMS sent and received :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot for your help.

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