How to send image as a push notification


How to send image as a push notification . am using this plugin

Please help me out anyone.
Thanks in advance.


When I created my first custom notification, I read many articles and videos and it was a bit tricky at first,Let’s start creating a Single View App or use an existing one.the name of your project and select your Team,certificates, and APNs to send push, Xcode will create for you your app id in the apple developer. Select your app id app and click in edit to configure push notifications:Open your app id and press Edit, and in the edit page go to Push Notification area and press Create Certificate…In my project, the minimum iOS version will be 9.0, but the custom push notification will work just in the 10.0.Request user permission for send pushAfter running, put your app in the background. We will use a tool to send push, its simple and fast to test, download and install NWPusher.Now get the device token from your log console and put in the Device push token field and press Push. Your device(needs a real device) will receive the push if everything is working correctly.

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Thanks but text notification is working fine.
while i tired to send image as push notification on that time showing OBJ in a block
so how can i fix it.