How to run ionic Web App on Server Digital Ocean VPS


Hi guys anyone has experience running a WebApp (ionic serve hybrid) alive on Digital Ocean?

My scenario:
I build a ionic web app but need its always stay published for the users, that need to access from devices, smartphones and PCs. I will like to find the best way for publish the WebApp on VPS server running in Digital Ocean.

Any help or comment will be appreciated.

  • 1 - I’m also looking for the same thing


Ionic Framework is not intended for the web, it’s support is limited to Chrome and Safari. However as long as you are aware of the project limitations it is possible to make it web accessible.

You just deploy the contents of the www folder, but you won’t be able to use cordova plugins as these are for the device only.


I found a good option to publish the hybrid app on Droplet Digital Ocean Server.
Just installed Tomcat7 version, put the directory there and set some stuff for security web access and then bin/
When have a little more time try to do a tutorial.