How to retrieve SMS list of your phone using Ionic Framework?

I am trying to access the phone’s SMS list.
I need all the SMSes that are present in my inbox.
I studied that the ngCordova SMS plugin helps to send SMS. But how can I retrieve all the SMSes? Is there an inbuilt functionality in ionic for doing this? If not, is there a plugin that I can use?

This would not be done by Ionic, but via a Cordova plugin (if allowed by the mobile OS). I would search ( to see what is available. Then you can see if it is available to IonicNative.


Thank you so much, Chris, for the quick reply! Really appreciated! I am quite new to ionic.

Yes, I took a look at the plugins. There is one which claims to give me the SMS list for Android (just 10 SMS). I can have for all the SMS once I buy the license.

But how do I get the same for iOS? I chose Ionic cause of it being hybrid. Can’t I have any work around?
Is is possible for me to access the Database file that stores the SMS list in the file system using the ionic code itself?

Did you found a good plugin that could do that for android and ios ?

Did you find any solution to this problem ?

  1. Is there no plugin which allow us to list down all the sms free of cost rather than paying to do so ?
  2. How can we use it for iOS as well ? Are there any plugins for that too ?

Only reason to use Ionic for me is that, i can build android and ios both app with the same code.


@rjayaswal I have developed an example project in Ionic 2 where:

  • Send SMS using @ionic-native/sms and cordova-sms-plugin (Uncomment code in sms-service provider).
  • Using cordova-plugin-sms
    • Send SMS.
    • Read and show user list SMS from inbox.
    • Show SMS details.
    • Watch for SMS arrive.
    • Update SMS list when sms arrive.

I hope it helps you.

Thank you, I will take a look!!