How to retrieve files (json) from ionic after it has made some changes in it ? or some way to synch the changes in the files?


I use ionic for my internal application. It works good except it takes good amount of time to perform few CRUD operations since the master DB server is located in another continent.

Is there a way I can provide json file inside the app so that later on i can see the changes and update in my database manually ?

Looking forward to your help.


A JSON file is a file that contains JS object data in a text based notation (JSON = JavaScript Object Notation). So if you want to only change the local objects and then later update the database, you can do that.


How do i retrieve the changed file from ionic app down to my local file system ?


You don’t really have any files. You have JS objects in your code that have been changed by your code. You can then save them to localstorage, a databas, send them to some webservice or database - that depends on what you want to do with it.