How to retrieve file from internal phone memory


How to retrieve file from internal phone memory


Is this question different from the nearly identical one you opened yesterday?


have you any solution?


No, otherwise I would provide it. Or maybe not, because I don’t like you posting the same stuff multiple times.


I am not getting the solution, so I post it again and again


Ok, that is not acceptable and appropriate. Maybe you should write a bit more than half a sentence: Include what problem you are trying to solve, what you already tried, what context you need that in etc.


I get the file path from internal memory and i don’t want to share the file path but i want to share raw file like image, video etc
below my code


let getUrl = item._meta_gallery_images
 let downloadFileName = getUrl.substr(getUrl.lastIndexOf('/') + 1); 
 this.file.checkFile(this.storageDirectory, downloadFileName)
      .then(() => {

        const alertSuccess = this.alertCtrl.create({
          title: `File retrieval Succeeded!`,
          subTitle: `${downloadFileName} was successfully retrieved from: ${this.storageDirectory}`,
          buttons: ['Ok']

        let finaleLink = this.storageDirectory+downloadFileName;

         finaleLink +"\n"+
              "Share via"+" "+this.appUrl
        return alertSuccess.present();

      .catch((err) => {

        const alertFailure = this.alertCtrl.create({
          title: `File retrieval Failed!`,
          subTitle: `${downloadFileName} was not successfully retrieved. Error Code: ${err.code}`,
          buttons: ['Ok']

        return alertFailure.present();


please help me how can i fix my issue

shareViaWhatsApp(message: string, image?: string, url?: string): Promise<any> { return; }

try to use this in your case:

  `Share via${this.appUrl}`,
).then(() =>


You could also try to replace null with your finalLink, too.

  `Share via${this.appUrl}`,
).then(() =>



Thank you so much. where i’m wrong please tell me