How to replace the $ionicHistory please?


I have a lot of problems with $state.go() & back button because of one page with tabs.
( 1: $state.go(‘tabs’) doesn’t show back button / 2: can’t back to a specific tab / 3: back two pages if the previous page was the tabs … )
I have tried a lots of things since days, and I see a lot of similar problem in forum, without real solution.

So, I would like to create my own history system from scratch.
In my global AppController, when $ionicReady() fired, I change the ng-click value of the ‘ion-header-bar button.back-button’ to "myBackButton()’

And I’ve added in my $scope the function myBackButton() with a console.log() message.

The DOM is correctly changed, I see the ng-click attribute is correctly changed, but when I click on the back button, this doesn’t call myBackButton() … and still continue to use the internal history/back system.

Do you have any ideas to help me please ?