How to Reload View when I switch HTML direction ?!

Hi all
I need to now how to reload view when I switch direction to rtl
I m using this codes

   <ion-toggle (ionChange)="notify($event)" ></ion-toggle>

	 this.platform.setDir('rtl', true);
	 this.platform.setLang('ar', true); 

	 this.platform.setDir('ltr', true);
	 this.platform.setLang('en', true);

I have a problem at side menu in android and windows , in ios the pages slide and the menu still fixed :disappointed_relieved:

I also have same issue but in different behavior.
It updates the direction of text and buttons but side navigation side doesn’t get updated. i.e. in RTL menu toggles from left. ideally it should toggle from right side of the screen.

I’ve included dir=“ltr” as default in my index.html.
Also in variable.scss I updated $app-direction to multi.

here is my code.

rtl: boolean = false;
layoutDirection(event) {
    this.rtl = !this.rtl;
      this.platform.setDir('ltr', true);

there is a dirty fix.

youcan reload your app module to fix this problem using