How to register custom Transitions

I would like to register Transitions for a custom Component that behaves like a Popup (With a custom Controller too).

let newKindOfPopup = this.newKindOfPopupCtrl.create();

It has Transitions similar to the Popup except I see that the Ionic Popup Transitions are registered to all devices using Modes.ts (
Is there a way to extend this file and add my custom transitions too?

My alternative is to wrap my custom component with the alert-wrapper and use the Transitions of the Alert Component like so:

  getTransitionName(direction: string) {
    let key = (direction === 'back' ? 'alertLeave' : 'alertEnter');
    return this._nav && this._nav.config.get(key);

It’s not ideal, but it would do the trick since it’s so similar, I’m just wondering if there is a better way to register my custom transitions.

Thank you for any help!