How to register a http provider factory in ionic2?

I have to intercept all http calls.

It’s possible on native? If yes, then you could write cordova plugin for it.

Not sure what you mean.
To be more specific in what I want to accomplish: In Angular2 you can add a provider factory as a parameter to the bootstrap() call on startup. This way you can inject i. e. a custom http provider to your application, which is than used everywhere during runtime. I don’t see anything aquivalent to the bootstrap() call in Ionc2. So my question is, what is the right way in ionic2 to add custom providers to the framework?

Have you tried something like:

  providers: [Http, {useClass: CustomHttp}]
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Refering to the Angular2 docs ( this should work:

  providers: [provide(Http, {useClass: CustomHttp})]


  providers: [new Provider(Http, {useClass: CustomHttp})]

but it doesn’t. At least this should work:

  providers: [new Provider(Http, {useClass: Http})]

What is the Ionic2 way?

I had to use a provider factory for registration. Now it works like a charm. Here is my App Component’s provider property assignment:

 providers: [HTTP_PROVIDERS, 
                provide(Http, {
                        useFactory: (xhrBackend: XHRBackend, requestOptions: RequestOptions) => new HttpInterceptor(xhrBackend, requestOptions),
                        deps: [XHRBackend, RequestOptions]
                provide(XHR, { 
                    useFactory: (http: Http) => new XHRInterceptor(http), deps: [Http]