How to receive 2 param from different pages in ionic 4

Hi , I’m havin an issues on passing 2 data from different page to main page called ‘mainex’

I’m using ionic 4 and angular 5


here is my main page that i want 2 param to meet


    path: 'mainex',

    loadChildren: () => import('./exmenu/mainex/mainex.module').then( m => m.MainexPageModule)


here is my two pages that i need the parameters to pass into the mainex


    path: 'exf7q4/:emark3',

    loadChildren: () => import('./exmenu/exf7q4/exf7q4.module').then( m => m.Exf7q4PageModule)


    path: 'exf8q8/:emarks7',

    loadChildren: () => import('./exmenu/exf8q8/exf8q8.module').then( m => m.Exf8q8PageModule)


what should i do? i’m confused.

Why don’t you just have a shared service, set the data on the service in your main page, transition to your next page in code and retrieve the data from the service?

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the totalresult calculation at mainex.

sorry for my bad drawing. this is the flow that i’m going to do. but i’m kinda stuck at this. still new with ionic angular . do you mean that i need to declare variables for each pages in a service and then retrieve it ?