How to read sms using IONIC 4?


Is there any way to read SMS when it arrives using IONIC 4? I need to trigger some actions when the incoming message has a specific text. I saw this cordova-sms-plugin, but it can only send SMS. Any help in this regard would be helpful. I don’t need ios support, just Android support. I see many apps reading my messages, but why can’t I do it with IONIC?


Google for “cordova read sms”, first result is


Yeah, it worked. I tried this earlier, but it didn’t work for me because I had native sms plugin already installed. The native plugin somehow was hindering the new plugin I have installed. I uninstalled all other plugins and installed only one sms plugin and it worked.

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Can you post your code please? :slight_smile:


@webfelicons Could you please check this? I did this 2 months ago.