How to print image using BluetoothSerial

I try to follow this repo.

I can connect to printer and print text like example.

But how to print image from url?

@ThunderBirdsX3 Can you share repository where you were successful to print text? Is it supporting html and images also?

Hi, iam unable to print text using bluetooth serial plugin. Can you please share me the sample code to print some text. iam able to connect to bluetooth printer but when i use tellpopeyes


i unable to print any thing. Its urgent can you please share and send me the steps that you follow.

The same problem occurred with me. I couldn’t print an image from URL. Whenever I wanted to do that, it showed an error message. I tried many times to solve that but failed. Then I got the solution after searching many websites and contacted xerox printer repair in USA. Now my printer is working perfectly.