How to prevent ionic adjust the height of ion-nav-bar for cordova on ios?

By default if ionic detected cordova.js, it will adjust the height of ion-nav-bar( to make it fit with ios status bar, i guess).

How to prevent ionic adjust the height of ion-nav-bar? Cause I don’t want to install StatusBar plugin to fix this and i don’t need to adjust the height either. Is their any api to prevent this default behavior?

you can easily overwrite the heights and margin values of the subheader in your css or scss

Thanks for your reply.

Since I only want to change the height in Cordova+IOS, If I overwrite the height in css, it will also change the height on other environment (android or pc)

How can I set the height only for Cordova+IOS?

I also learned that the adjustment is made by javascript not the css, how can I prevent ionic javascript from adjusting height for me?

Kind of curious what your goal is? This might help us figure out a better solution for you.

Are you talking about the cordova web view, or your web app? In Ionic the web-view fills the height 100% and the status bar is set on top of that, not above it.

Have you found a solution to your problem?