How to Position Popover in Windows?


I am trying to display an Ionic popover in Windows platform. I’m using with the popover interface. However, the popover always starts from left side of the control (ion-label) . I could not find any documentation on how I can make it start from right side of the control. Can you please help?

This is how I’m displaying the popover.

<ion-item no-lines>
                    <ion-label><span *ngIf="!isEditTopic">{{'Choose' | translate}}</span> {{'Topic' | translate}}:</ion-label>
                    <ion-select interface="popover" [(ngModel)]="newTopic.TOPIC_ID" placeholder="Select" disabled="{{isEditTopic}}">
                        <ion-option *ngFor="let topic of topics" value="{{topic.TOPIC_ID}}">

Please check the attached Screenshot.