How to place a ionic tab in the middle of the screen in ionic4

Is it possible to place ion-tab at the middle of the screen.I have an image with some text on the top of the page.Is it possible to place ion-tabs at the middle of the screen that is beneath the image and content.

Schedule 6
<ion-tab-button tab="speakers">
  <ion-icon name="contacts"></ion-icon>

<ion-tab-button tab="map">
  <ion-icon name="map"></ion-icon>

<ion-tab-button tab="about">
  <ion-icon name="information-circle"></ion-icon>

What kind of view you want, share a demo image.
You can use ion-fab to put button in middle

How to make tab as Personal Parent transport other below the details and image

From a UI perspective, it is super-important that tabs be in a completely predictable place all the time, which is why they get locked either to the header or the footer. Can you put the stuff you want the tabs under above them in the header?

If you really didn’t want to use bottom tabs (which at first I was against but now agree with) you might implement it with “segment” then have conditional divs that show/hide under it.