How to pick the ios emulator from cordova / ionic command line

In using the ionic emulate command line (i’m assuming it’s the same as cordova phoengap) how do I pick the device - either ipad or iphone tall screen. It always defaults to the 3.5" screen.

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Took some digging in the run command file but I got this.

cordova run ios --target="iPhone"
cordova run ios --target="iPad"
cordova run ios --target="iPad (Retina)"
cordova run ios --target="iPhone (Retina 3.5-inch)"
cordova run ios --target="iPhone (Retina 4-inch)"
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Ok cool. Will that flag be incorporated into the ionic command line as well? Seems like a useful flag to carry over.

Awesome suggestion, I’ll bring it up with the devs and see what they think.

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Any update on this? I can see that the Cordova default is to launch the 3.5" Retina version, which seems bizarre in 2014. I appreciate that things will probably get more complicated after Apple’s next hardware releases!

Nothing yet, we’ve been building out our services so thats taken up our time. Can you make and issue for this feature?

Either on our new trello board for new features…

or on our cli repo.

What’s the command line for launching the iPhone 6 or 6 plus?