How to permit user to use characters as " é " , " è ", " à ", " ç "

Hello people
I actually create an application that user can send message .
The problem that I detect that many characters as " é " , " è ", " à ", " ç "… not shown when user type in text input or textarea with virtual keyboard.

Someone can help to solve my problem ?? Thanks

Have you already set <meta charset="utf-8"> in your main html page’s <head>?

Yes it’s already set

You should be able to do this by just holding the letters e, a, or c.

lol ! Yes I know but when i choose the followed charater, it not showed… I am in french country and these characters are in many words

Hmm, I believe this all depends on the keyboards you have on your device. For my iphone, I was able to add french to my keyboards and it displayed the correct keyboard.

I think what he means is that, while he is able to select those characters in his virtual keyboard, they just do not appear in the input or textarea.

Interesting, because they were showing in my app.

I have android 2.3.7 as OS, LG P990 Optimus 2X

Yeah, we don’t support android 2.3, as it doesn’t support modern web features.
Please try this on a 4.1+ device.

but I run correctly my app in my phone only the these button on virtual keyboard not work great!.
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Okay, but if the operating system doesn’t expose those features to the webview, we can’t do too much about it.