How to pass data back to the same page

Hi guys

I really help on this part.
How do i pass back the data to the same html page.

Link to the problem

For example, to receive data on the same page, you can push the same page and use NavParams on ionViewWillEnter method like

if (navParams.get(“param1”){
// save params

If you have read my post properly. i wanted the filtered data to pass back to the same request.html apge

I saw a push at the end of the code. I thought you want to get the data on the page you pushed, no?

Because the default the page at request.html is rendering all the user from the request table. So the request.html render all by default. Now the thing is when i click on nearby button it will go to the openMapPage method found in request.ts. After it goes to the method, the method return the user with only reqdetails. So how do i render the user with only reqdetails back to the same request.html page. Anyway the push at the end i feel it’s wrong though.